One of the sections used in industry and construction, which is mainly T iron rail or profile. To build all kinds of doors and windows, connect bridges to columns and trusses. Rigid structures of triangular units, which are made of connecting thin and long components, skeleton flooring, glass ceilings and more are used.

Manufacturers of shield manufacturers

*Pars Profile World

*The open corner of Mashhad

*Kian Persia

*Toos Hojjat Complex Company

*Sadra Profile of Tehran and …

Passing standards

DIN EN 10011

DIN 15011

DIN 1122

Application of shielding in buildings

Passage in the truss building, in the skeletons of greenhouses, ceilings and glass facades, in the lighting of basements. For glass bricks in high space and as a restraint in buildings as well as in dam industries.