Shadow line sheet

Shadow line design sheet is one of the most beautiful corrugated designs of the roofing sheets.

Shadow line design is a classic design similar to trapezoidal that originally implemented on the sandwich panel, but with the increasing demand for this project, the use of it expanded day by day and it is applied on various roofs.

The shadow line design, due to the number of its Congress and also its useful application, is one of the most popular corrugated designs.

The advantages and benefits of galvanized and colored sheet of shadow line design are as follows:

Quick and easy installation

Beauty and reasonable price compared to other similar products

Light weight and high safety against earthquake

Weather moisture resistance

Integrity and non-fracture over time

Suitable for roof and wall niches, buildings, villas, etc.

Shadow line sheet can also be produced from simple galvanized sheet (colorless) and from galvanized color sheet as well.

Utilizable thickness of shadow line design sheet is the same as galvanized and galvanized color sheet which is a range between 18 hundredths and 70 hundredths of mile.

The Length of shadow line design sheets depending on the customer order is between 50 cm to 12 m.

The utilizable width of the shadow line design sheet is the usual width of color sheets and galvanized sheets i.e. 100 and 125 cm.

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