Punch sheet or mesh

The base of this type of product is the same as ordinary sheet, which is punched or in the form of a net mesh seen. Important note about punch sheets grid after the thickness, length and width of the spring sheet of the punch sheet. It is expressed in millimeters and mesh or the same size as the holes; the spring of the punch sheet is often the diameter of the perforated circle is multiplied.

Today, with the development of industry and attention to more beauty in it, it has made the importance of industries such as punches increase sheets of different materials such as steel, wood and aluminum. The use of advanced and fast tools in this field is considered a positive point for those active in the punch sheet. Among the punch sheets with CNC machine is extremely important.

Application of punch sheet


*Food and beverage industries.

*Chemical and energy industries.

*Automotive industry.

*Civil Engineering and Urban Planning.