Polycarbonate sheets are a good alternative to glass and save energy. As it prevents heat from entering inside is summer and prevents it from escaping and wasting in winter the heat enters.

Cropped polycarbonate sheets from 3 mm to 66 mm thick according to sandwich steps ceiling and wall panels and sinusoidal and trapezoidal sheets. Advantages of using double-walled sheets as greenhouse coatings instead of available polyethylene nylons in the market: by comparing the total heat transfer coefficient (value u (double-walled sheets) with a 6 mm guarantee (with nylons) used in greenhouses with a thickness of 3 microns:

U 6 mm HOLLOW = 3.6 w / m2.k0

U = 3.1 w / m2.k0  105 ∆

U 10µm PE = 1.1 w / m2.k0

It is observed that by replacing double-walled sheets instead of existing nylons, greenhouse energy consumption it is halved, in addition:

Due to the issues of eliminating fuel subsidies, the use of these sheets, due to maintaining the temperature. The environment is a very good way to reduce the cost of greenhouse products.

Polycarbonate sheets have a much higher life and durability than polyethylene are. The maximum life of nylons is 3 years, while polycarbonate sheets have a useful life of up to 300 years.

The nylon used in greenhouses is rapidly destroyed by UV rays. And its properties they lose. While polycarbonate sheets are thickened by an anti-UV layer during production (50 micron) which is the cover itself equal to the thickness of a greenhouse nylon covered which is both sheet and it also protects indoor plants from harmful sun rays. The cost of storing and replacing nylon is much higher than polycarbonate sheets.

Application of polycarbonate sheets


*Transportation industry

*Glass applications

*Safety glass operation

*Ceiling windows, partitions, decorative domes, room making outdoor or indoor stadiums

*pool cover

*Greenhouse cover

*Passage roof cover and bazaar

*Coverage of warehouse skylights

*Covering skylights

*Polycarbonates have AR-IR layers

The light spreads best on the surface and at the same time reduces the reflection of light: AR heat and temperature control can be performed, the temperature inside the building can be at the desired levels: IR preserved.