Metal Deck Roof

One of the factors of industrialization is the speed of implementation and the removal of material and traditional methods which are time-consuming and costly.

One of the parts of the building that has a tremendous impact on the speed of construction is roof.

If the new methods are applied in the roof, then the project is implemented in the short period of time and very convenient.

Composite steel deck roof (metal deck) is one of the new methods of implementing structures that has so many fans in the world today.

The introduction of steel deck roof (metal deck)

Steel deck roof (metal deck) are implemented with a trapezoid galvanized sheets without the use of rebar and remove the formatting.

The weight of the roof is 30% to 60 % lower than the same roofs and the implementation of the roof is about 12 times quicker than the conventional roof coverings such as concrete slabs and blocks.

Features of the roof (metal deck):

Concreting of the roof provides very smooth surface so that it is not necessary for Flooring and it is ready for Joinery operation.

In this system, formatting which is one of the practical problems of the building is removed and this issue increases the speed of the implementation of the roof. Then after completing installation networks at once, it is possible to concrete the whole roof and floors.

Installation of the sheets is done just by means of steel nails, without any welding.

This system permits to implement concreting and the roof at the same time in all multi-storey buildings.

General Specifications:

Remove Formatting
Remove the side bars

Remove tensile bars

Installation by means of steel nails and without welding

Provide safety of workshop and minimum space for the depot.

Concreting all floors simultaneously

The weight of the dead load of the roof with 5 cm concrete is 190 kg and with 7cm concrete is210 kg per square meter. Therefore, it is 150kg lighter than the dead load of the joists roof and block, and 60 kg lighter than the dead load of composite roof.

Less weight of the roof decreases the weight of the structure and lighten building foundation and skeleton.

In the steel skeleton buildings, the weight of the steel will decrease up to 22 kilograms per square meter. In these roofs compared with similar roofs or concrete slab ceiling, the necessity to prove vibration are significantly less.

The implementation of the roof is eleven times quicker than the speed of implementation of the concrete slab roof or ceiling joists and blocks.

The fire resistance of this type of the roof is more than other types of the roofs.

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