Hedge tile is a kind of building materials which is used not only for beauty but also for protecting the facades of buildings and covering the roof.

The sheets of hedge tiles are installed in scalariform  and with different slopes in the upper levels of the building on the main facade of the building ,on the windows, the roof of the villa , bower cover , booths of hut , and at the entrance of the complex buildings and ... .

While the cover of hedge tile is beautiful, it is also like an umbrella to protect the building doors and the automatic systems, and a suitable shield against snow and rain. Sheets of hedge tiles are pre-painted and their appearances represent the color of ceramic, and the sheets have various colors.

Hedges sheets with metal ceramic design because of unique design and electrostatic painting (powder) are particularly attractive and due to their flexibility and the ability to install in the slopes of 12 to 90 degree plays an important role in the beautiful view of traditional and modern architecture.

Fire resistance:

By using galvanized sheets, hedge tiles are able to handle more than 720 degrees centigrade. As well as, in domestic fires due to the light weight of tiles, the roof will ruin later.

Easy to use:

According to the features of the hedge, the tiles technically  are possible to easily replace existing worn cover system or converting flat roofs to sloped ones at minimum time and cost.

In the recent decades, the use of hedges in safety and retrofit buildings has been increased, especially for public and sensitive places, such as schools, hospitals, etc. and also around the world have been welcomed and supported by government and military.

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