Execution of light roofs and structures

In order to further develop and provide services to you, dear friends, this complex has undertaken the implementation of some construction projects and announces its readiness to cooperate with all kinds of construction projects.

How to design and implement a sloping roof?

One of the important factors in the building is the architectural design and structural design of the buildings, which are located in areas with high rainfall, and a significant number of villas are located in this category of buildings.

Having a complete and suitable work sample to get acquainted with this matter, it is very necessary to implement the gable roof of a villa in such a way that first we column and close the top of the columns in metal or concrete according to the plan and start trussing with metal profiles in any dimensions.  And after making and installing the trusses, we start to shoot at the

main beams at the desired distance, and after completing the complete welding infrastructure of the beams, we start installing the tiles and closing the tiles with special screws.