Execution of heavy metal roof and structure or steel deck

In order to develop and provide more services to you, dear friends, this complex has undertaken the implementation of some construction projects and announces its readiness to cooperate with all kinds of construction projects.

The steps for implementing a steel deck roof are:

After designing the roof and determining the distances of the side beams, purchase plans for placing the plates on different openings are prepared and the production order is given to the factory.

Depot and transfer to the floors: In this stage, the composite sheets are transferred to the workshop and the depot in a suitable space, by human resources with the help of an elevator to different levels of the floors.

Steel deck placement: Cylindrical galvanized steel sheets include male and female clamps that are easily fastened together by semi-skilled manpower.

Rebar and stud installation: In the place where the steel decks are placed on the beams, studs are used to connect the two, and this action reduces the weight of the steel beams used.

Concreting: In the last stage and after passing the above steps, concreting operations are performed.  The low thickness of the slab and the uniformity of the surface of the plates cause the air to escape quickly and make the operation easier