Copper sheet

Copper sheets are copper plates that are made with different thicknesses. In now, in addition to simple sheets, there are different types of patterned and colored copper sheets on the market. They are often used to make works of art. Sell colored copper sheet in the market has its own fan base and can be used by designers. There are different thicknesses of copper sheets on the market, for example some rolls. Copper is used in the home appliance or automotive industry. These copper sheets are thick and it has a thickness between 0.3 and 0.11 mm. but a series of copper coils called thin copper sheets. Markets are traded and are between 0.1 and 0.1 mm thick and are very flexible.

This type of copper sheet can be easily cut with a knife or small scissors and can be soldered. He did something easy on them.

Application of copper sheet

*In all industrial and home equipment

*Military industries

*Transportation and machinery

*Building and industry

Brass sheet

Brass sheet is made of copper and zinc alloys and has the best application in heavy metal alloys.

Types of this alloy can start from at least 135 copper and its color ranges from bright yellow to reddish yellow. Pink is different and you can even guess the percentage of copper from the way it is colored, no matter how much. The more copper in the alloy, the greater the flexibility without chip removal will find. Copper alloys and zinc alloys can be divided into two groups of pastry alloys.

Applications of brass alloy:

*Decoration due to almost golden color

*War ammunition

*Things that require less friction such as locking brains

*Musical instruments such as horn, due to their acoustic properties

*Electrical, automotive and home appliances industries

*And …