Carton Plast

Plast cartons are made of polypropylene and are produced by extrusion method. The pallet carton consists of two flat outer sheets, which are parallel to the narrow vertical plates. They are connected to each other. Exquisite pallet carton sheets with a width of 2,000 mm in thicknesses of 2 to 11 mm and in a variety of colors are produced. These sheets are mainly used in the packaging industry and it is very suitable for advertising, industrial, construction and agricultural purposes. This product is like a carton. Cardboard is dyed and silk screen printing is done on it. From other features of Plast Carton are high coefficient of resistance to physical and chemical factors.

Other common trade names are Carton Plast Plate, Sheet Plast, Plast Sheet, Plast Pack and Halo Profile. The sheet is the sheet plastic Krugit.

Carton Plast feature

*Resistant to possible shocks.

*Resistant to deformation withstands a wide range of temperature changes. 11- Up to 60 degrees Celsius.

*It's light.

*It's flexible.


*Non-toxic raw materials have been used in its production.

*It is odorless.

*Resistant to moisture.

*It is easy to print on it.

*Can be connected with wire punch, glue and thermal welding.

*Thermal and electrical insulation.

*Recyclable and reusable.

*Approved by the US food and drug administration.