Building profiles

Profiles generally exist in two types of construction and industrial, building profiles to those profiles are used that are used in the construction industry, such as aluminum doors and windows and … are used. There are different types of building profiles;

The first type is hot rolled profile, which is made of hot rolled ingot rolling and is canned.

The second type of cold rolling profile is formed by forming steel sheets by bending and press production. It is shaped like a gutter.

This is the third type of composite profile that results from the connection of several hot and cold profiles.

Galvanized profiles

Galvanized profiles are also widely used in UPVC doors and windows. Today for greater strength has found advantages of using galvanized profiles in PVC windows to prevent the problem of twisting screws and the fall is the opening of doors and windows.

Another advantage is the high strength and resistance to atmospheric pressure at high altitudes. It is because at high altitudes the towers can be significantly pressed against the windows by the wind force. In the lower floors, windows may be exposed to pressure due to subsidence.