What is black sheet or hot rolled sheet?

Generally iron works are divided into two categories: industrial and construction, then they are divided into subcategory.

One of the major subcategories is the sheet category.

The sheet is a type of iron which is flat and perfectly smooth and polished.

The sheets generally are produced and marketed in two forms i.e. roll form and sheet form.

Two different technologies which used in the production of the sheet, called cold-rolled and hot rolled.

Output product in the hot-rolled called black sheet, and output product of cold-rolled called oiled sheet.

So far, we found that the hot rolled is black sheet.

In hot rolled, slabs are warmed up to about 0821 ° C in a preheater furnace and then after descaling in the initial and final rolled, they are rolled, and finally its thickness reaches to 0. 8 to 01 mm that is produced in the form of coils.

Following the procedure in the completion section of hot rolled, some acts such as decreasing the weight of coil, improving mechanical properties, leveling the sheet, cutting light and heavy sheets in length of 0 to 08 meters take place.

Why hot rolled sheet is called black sheet?

Hot-rolled sheet production technology means that the raw material of sheet production melted at very high temperatures, during this process sheets become matte or opaque and because of its color it is called “Black sheet “on the market.

Applications of Black sheet:

Hot-rolled sheets (Black Sheets) are used in various industries including construction, tank construction, automotive, special tanks, steel and shipbuilding and heavy industry applications.

Black sheet are produced in two general forms: roll form and fabric.

Black sheet thickness is from 1. 5 mm to 100 mm.

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