Beams and hash

It is the most profiled building that is sometimes used in industrial applications. Basic beams in the project.

Iron is found in three forms:

Beams IPE standard Europe and Iran.

Beams INP standard China and Russia.

Beams wide IPB wing.

Production of IPE and INP beams with a height of 80-600 mm and IPB beams with a height of 100-1000 mm it is possible. Application of beams in the building in the form of columns, trusses, doorknobs, beams in roofing and bee nipple bridges are used.

IPE beams

This common and standard I-shaped beam exists in Iran. This beam is produced according to European standards. And its wing thickness is constant.

INP beams

I-shaped beams whose wing thickness decreases with distance from the beam of the beam, which is the standard factories in Russia and China.

IPB beams

H-beams or wide beams in which the wingspan is increased compared to IPE beams.