About us:

Nasim e Tejarat Nojoomi shargh Company

Introduction of the company and the respective logo (0t100.ir):

This collection has been established by personal investment to provide its services in the following areas:

Commerce, trade, import, export, support services that are transferable to the private sector, participation in the bidding process by all natural and legal persons, posing granting branches across the country, and investment in other companies after obtaining the necessary permits.

Company believes that there is a zero point for any starting and for any ending there is a point called “hundred”, hence the company logo is established on the basis of zero and one hundred (0t100.ir). That may be a model for all the people in the hope that all to believe that life is formed of will and make.


From zero to one hundred (0t100.ir) we will find a way or make a way. We put every single goals of life based on zero and hundred, until finally, this zero to one hundred continue and we achieve our goal which is a beautiful life with think and well-being. Although, this way has a lot of difficulties, but we can overcome them by faith, effort, planning and diligence.

Current activities of the company:

  1. Investment in the metal market (transactions of oiled, galvanized and black sheets, etc.)
  2. Investing in the stock exchange
  3. Launch the site to record the orders.
  4. Exporting the goods to neighbor countries

The company intends to increase the services in the coming years.

We pin our hopes to Almighty God and since everything depends on His will, hence, we are determined in achieving our goals.

Trade Company in Iran

Sale every kind of sheet in Mashhad

Nasim e Tejarat Nojoomi shargh Company